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App developers reject the paid model

For app developers choosing the right pricing/revenue model is a key factor in the success of their app. We have rigourously debated the relative advantages and disadvantages of the different models – paid for free with ad support and freemium – in previous blogs but the newest debate centres on the end of paid for apps.

Tech Crunch’s insightful article on this subject shows this isn’t a clear cut argument as you may expect. The stats from Flurry research shows the move toward free is getting larger: from 2010 to 2012 the proportion of free apps on the Apple App Store grew from 80% to 84%. In 2013 this had reached 90%. The interesting discovery from this research was that app developers shifted towards the free pricing model not through peer pressure but by experimenting with different streams to find the model that suited their app.

However, what is clear is that certain types of specialist apps are suited to the paid route and have been successful using this model and in some cases topped up revenues with further in-app purchases. Categories include Productivity, Medical, Business, Healthcare & Fitness, Navigation, Lifestyle, Photo & Video, Travel and Weather.

Although the paid for model is increasingly marginalised there is still space for niche apps to thrive using it and people are obviously prepared to pay for app that deliver a tangible service. What was also clear in Tech Crunch article is that despite lots of apps moving to free to attract users, the big publishing companies still dominate the App Store charts. Independent developers continue to struggle to break into the higher echelons of the app charts and gain much needed visibility.

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