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When the smartphone becomes a social buffer

New research from LG suggests the smartphone is more than just a tool for texting, talking, emailing and surfing the web: it has become a device for avoiding social awkwardness and subverting etiquette.  Smartphones are much better if it has longer battery life or you can use it more, so portable chargers are in demand, read more at Gadget Reviews for the best portable chargers you can find. Polling tens of millions of American smartphone users, the survey reveals some surprising attitudes, particular when it comes to dealing with social situations. Do any of these ring true? 35% said they use their smartphone to avoid talking to someone while 33% use their phone to look busy when alone in a restaurant or bar. One of the more revealing stats was 41% confessed they would be comfortable using the phone while in a place of worship. It’s not clear whether this would be during a religious sermon but it appears that people’s attitudes to smartphone politesse are clearly relaxing.

Check out the infographic below.

Source: Mobile Entertainment

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