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Our New Halloween App – Out On The 19th October

Get ready for October 31st with our brand new app Halloween 13: Daily Spooky Surprises, which launches on October 19th.

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Why 100,000 Apps Isn’t Enough For Windows Phone

Windows Phone: Nothing to see here

Apps come in so many shapes and sizes that it’s really hard to actually imagine how many of them exist. When you hear that Google Play has over a million apps and iOS just under the same mark, it’s such a big number that you can feel blase about what that means in terms of what’s on offer. That is, until, you get your hands on your first Windows Phone device.

The OS remains, despite strong support from Microsoft and Nokia, weakly stocked when it comes to apps. Even though it has hit the 160,000 app mark, a number of products that would be staggering if all were stacked up in a bookshop say, there remain some glaring weak spots in the App Store which really holds the whole system back.

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Plugged In: An Infographic Of The UK’s Device Addiction

According to this infographic from Microsoft Advertising, the average UK home now has ten web-enabled devices stashed in it and six of these are connected! Some people are remodeling their homes with solar panels to avoid spend a lot in power, also remodeling with the best Total Floor Care.

Whilst laptops have the highest penetration at 89%, smartphones have 74% and games consoles 63%.  Tablets are now in 52% of households, meaning for the first time, more than half of all homes have a tablet device, whilst a quarter of household are equipped with an internet enabled television.

Astonishingly, a third of families use social networking or text messaging to communicate when they are in the same house.  Perhaps the most effective way to capture a teenager’s attention is through their mobile phone!

How many connected devices are in your home?  Can you beat 10?

Connected Device Infographic

From Mobile Entertainment



Is India the scene of the next app gold rush?

Two interesting stories have come out of India already this week showing the two different sides of the mobile app market.  The first concerns the future growth of the mobile gaming and app market in India while the second is a heart-warming story that shows you don’t have to be a mature and experienced developer to make it in the app world.

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The best apps for travellers

This week The Independent newspaper in the UK published a list of its top travel apps.  You can see the top 10 here.

Far be it for us to disagree with such a learned publication, but we honestly felt there were so many good travel apps that it would be worth adding five more to their list that tickle our fancy and help us when we are out and about.  So below you can find our additional five travel apps for those that are hungry for the best and easiest experiences on the move.

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The App Show – New Beginnings in the Mobile Industry

The App Show returns again for another edition just in time for a couple of news stories that could make big changes to the mobile industry.

The first is, of course, the launch of the iPhone 5C and 5S by Apple. While it may have sold 9 million of them in under a week, Keith Andrew; Editor in Chief at Pocket Gamer Biz, talked us through his concerns with Apple’s latest devices and about his belief that it may be the end of their innovation leadership.

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British Food Fortnight: the best apps for culinary delights

Can you believe it is British Food Fortnight?  The Brits are not renowned for their culinary genius, but have given the world such delights as the Full English/Irish/Scottish Breakfast, Fish & Chips and even Deep Fried Mars Bars!  Despite these ‘gifts’ to the world, the UK is celebrating its cuisine and culture with not one but two weeks of festivities.

At Magicsolver HQ in Cambridge, we have more than 20 different nationalities working in our team and we celebrated this earlier this year with a picnic that brought together food from as far apart as Italy, Japan, Venezuela and, er, France.

To celebrate all things gastronomic and to salute great British food, here are the top five apps for gourmets the world over:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Review

One of the defining trends since smart devices arrived in our pockets has been the quest for the perfect sized screen. With buttons being chucked out of the window at the same time as the “dumb phone”, device makers have been trying to get their display size just right to tempt in the consumers and help developers to make great apps for them.

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Rockin’ in the freemium world

In our last blog, we touched on the various revenue streams available to app developers with the Freemium model providing a more progressive option for developers looking outside the paid for and ad-supported routes. Of course, the Freemium model won’t suit every developer as it depends on the app being created but recent research from technology analyst Gartner suggests that Freemium and the in-app purchase (IAP) model will dominate the app world over the next four years.

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Foot loose and fancy freemium

For app developers, the pros and cons of adopting a freemium model still provokes much debate. Monetising an app is an important part of any developer’s strategy and along with the in-app purchasing there are paid and ad-supported options for developers to consider. But whatever route taken, freemium still grabs the headlines.

An infographic from monetising and app distribution specialists StartApp, plays out the story of going freemium, highlight the success stories of freemium-based apps (take a bow Candy Crush Saga) but also noting the risks involved going down this revenue avenue – the biggest of which is convincing users to make the in-app purchases to recoup the lack of upfront cost. Make sure you check out the infographic below to get a pictorial lowdown on freemium.

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