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New update : Halloween 13

Halloween is coming !


How to prepare Halloween better than with our new app ? 

With Halloween 13 discover 13 freaky surprises every day and win a new reward to enjoy and share with your friends.  

Play in a terrifying universe and explode pumpinks! 
Earn achievements, challenge your friends and set scarily good high scores!
Experience our eerie graveyard, full of scary sound effects, ghoulish graphics and secret spooky surprises!

Our app is available NOW for iOS 11
Share with your family and friends 



Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our latest app

iTunesArtworkWith only two days until the most romantic day of the year everyone should be getting in the mood for a little romancing. At MagicSolver, we got the love bug early, taking an arrow from Eros on the 7th Feb when we released our app Valentine’s Day 2014: 7 free gifts to fall in love with.  Free on iOS and Android this app offers a new app surprise, for gratis, every day from 7th February until the big day.

Users have already been enjoying the daily gifts and even if you’re late to our app you can still retrospectively download the apps our crack editorial team have chosen for Valentine’s week. So far iOS users have enjoyed the likes of addictive match-three game Jelly Splash, Pokemon-inspired game Battle Camp and the Postcard app that lets you send a physical postcard to your favourite Valentine from your phone.

Those using Android have been falling in love with the Cupid-style scroller Daemon Amor, retro playground love game MASH Valentine and the platform adventure game Amy in Love. So make sure you don’t miss out on the free app countdown to Valentine’s Day. XX



Best apps for learning coding


The question of where the next generation of app developers and computer programmers are coming from is one that has taken centre stage. With computer science considered a secondary discipline in schools and the decline in the number of students reading A-level Computer Science, the art of computer programming is fast losing its cachet.

The emergence of affordable computers like the Raspberry Pi have helped reignite interest in coding in young people and hopefully help to establish the next crop of future programmers. To celebrate the art of programming we have cherry-picked three apps that help young types learn about coding.

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Appy Christmas to all you Disney fans

iTunesArtworkIt’s been difficult to keep quiet over the last few months such has been our excitement but we can finally reveal some big news: MagicSolver has been working with Disney to bring you the 12 Day of Disney app. This iOS app recommends a free Disney app every day from 14th – 25th December and is chock full of exclusive new titles and free in-app purchases with every game.

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Our Advent 2013 app launches this weekend!

We can officially start getting excited about Christmas! Well we can from this Saturday, 30th November, when our annual Advent 2013, 25 Christmas Apps app launches. This year’s iOS and Android app is even bigger and better. Users still get to discover and download a new, free, top quality app everyday until 25th December but this time we’ve cranked up the production values and fun quota on the mini games.

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MagicSolver selected as one of the UK’s top mobile innovators by Mobile Entertainment

MagicSolver, the app discovery and user acquisition specialists, have been named one of Mobile Entertainment’s Top 50 Mobile Innovators in the UK for 2013.

The ME Top 50 has been going for three years and recognises excellence within a number of mobile specific sectors. MagicSolver has been recognised for its continued success in the Apps sphere after it amassed more than 30 million downloads for its portfolio of mobile app discovery platforms.

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Medical apps should come with a health warning

At the UKTI Smart UK Project award event earlier this year, MagicSolver came across an amazing app from fellow nominees Skin-Analytics. This Cambridge-based company had developed a cloud- connected iPhone and Android app that could track changes in moles that would otherwise be hard to see with the naked eye, detecting any subtle harmful skin mutations that could mean the onset of Melanoma. Using patented algorithm and image processing technology, this app in tandem with a smartphone camera, takes a photo of the mole, gets the on board software to conduct an analysis of the lesion and logs the results in the cloud.  Visit


Unlock a heart every day with Valentine’s Day 2013: 14 free apps for love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we bet you’ve already started worrying about buying that special someone the perfect present. Maybe you should go for some lovely smelling flowers? How about a box of delicious chocolates? Or maybe go for a nice spa day out?

If you’re fretting about what you’re getting, then you need to sit down, grab a cup of coffee and get out your smartphone or tablet. Because our latest app, Valentine’s Day 2013: 14 free apps for love, is loaded with perfect presents to turn this February 14th into the best ever.

Every day, you’ll discover a brand new app to fall in love with. Our special survey that pops up when you first open the app tailors the rest of the selection to you. So whether you’re a single guy hating the holidays and loving gaming or are deeply in love with your special someone, there is something in there that you are bound to enjoy.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve packed in a couple of awesome little features round the side to make this a really great present. With free music tracks to listen to and professionally designed wallpapers to unlock, this app really is like a box of chocolates; you never know what cool thing you’ll get next.

Available now on IOS and Android absolutely free, fall in with Valentine’s Day 2013: 14 free apps for love. right now!



Looking beyond the top 50 apps

App developers and publishers look away now. According to new research 81 per cent of UK visitors to the Apple App Store do not browse past the first 50 apps – this is despite the store getting 52.2 million visits a week in the UK. Worse still, over half (57 per cent) of iPhone users fail to look beyond the top 25 apps.

This is deflating news for app developers starting out or established publishers trying to engage customer and attract download traffic. With over 700,000 apps on the App Store and a further 435,000 expected to land on iTunes in 2013 it is easy to see why smartphone and tablet users find discovering new apps a daunting task.

Judging from this study, it is critical for app developers/publishers to appear high up in the rankings to gain any sort of in-store visibility; they certainly cannot rely on Apple’s promotional policy to gain traction.

MagicSolver offers another route for developers/publishers to increasing app downloads through our own portfolio of apps. FreeAppMagic, our flagship app, offers three paid for apps for free every day while we have seasonal/event apps such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas Advent.

Our apps have 10 million plus iOS and Android users in 100 countries, so app developers and publishers who sign up for our service will be privy to a large audience – we have delivered over 50 million downloads so far.

Another interesting outcome from the study is that 85 per cent of App Store visitors need some persuading before making a download: strong reviews, images, and a reasonable price are the main criteria they look to before pressing the buy button. MagicSolver has an editorial team that selects the best apps to promote on our apps. All the apps promoted are four of five star reviews and are, of course free for 24 hours; this tick the two main user reasons for downloading.

So although this news may seem like a depressing read for developer/publishers, all is not lost: talk to us to find new ways to rise up through the App Store rankings and gain exposure.



The countdown to Christmas has already started with over 1 million people joining the fun worldwide!

Throw away the old fashioned chocolate calendars and treat yourself to a brand new treat every day in December with our brand new Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps.

It’s become something of a Christmas tradition at MagicSolver to set up an Advent calendar with great apps to discover. And Advent 2012 is no exception to that rule, as we released the 4th version of our Christmas Calendar on the 1st December and we’ve been bringing the festive fun to over a million people worldwide already.

Not taken part yet? Well here are some of the key features of our Advent 2012 that have made it a global hit.

  • 25 Free Apps: A gift of one free app every day until Christmas.
  • The best 4 and 5 star apps picked by us, Magicsolver, the number one app discovery specialists.
  • A Santa sack full of mini games to play each time you open a new Advent window
  • Jingle Bells! Christmas tunes to get you in the festive mood
  • Fun and games: Integration with Apple Game Center, so you can share achievements and watch your high score rise up the leader boards.

So with Christmas coming, we think you should jolly up your smart devise this Christmas by downloading this fabulously festive Advent 2012 full of Christmassy surprises.

Merry Christmas

From the MagicSolver team!

“Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps”
Available on the App Store:
Available on Google Play: