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Japan supersedes the U.S. as the #1 app store revenue generator

Japan app store

In terms of total app revenue across iOS and Android, the U.S has traditionally dominated. But it appears this influence is shifting. According to a recent the report from AppAnnie, Japan overtook America as the country generating the biggest app revenues for the first time in October last year. Surprising? Perhaps, but what was also interesting is the rate of growth Japan has undertaken. Where the U.S.’s app revenues grew steadily over the year, Japan’s rise has been more meteoric in the same period.

As the report points out, the Japanese app market doesn’t conform to the revenue make up of other app store markets worldwide. It is the only country where both Apple and Google compete equally on revenue share – Apple outstrips Googles by double the amount everywhere else. Another reason for Japan’s incredible growth rate is smartphone penetration now matches the U.S. at 50% of the population, but this is expected to rise to 62% in 2014.

Finally, one startling fact from the report centres around games. Similar to app store markets around the world this category is the highest revenue generator. However, in Japan, the majority of its revenue growth is largely driven by just five app publishers. Sounds like some app developers may need help with app promotion.

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