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2013 app trends revealed


App analytic and market intelligence specialist, App Annie released its 2013 retrospective report on the key trends from last year and it reveals some major shifts in terms of download market share and emerging app markets. Definitely take time to download the free report and read it. You can get it here.

In the meantime, here are the potted highlights: Read the rest of this entry »



Who wins the battle of the homepage?


Our friends at Flurry have written a very interesting blog on app growth in 2013.  Every single app category has grown in 2013 and overall app usage is up 115%.  What an extraordinary statistic, coming on the back of years of sustained growth.

What caught our eye most was the categories of app that grew most quickly.  These were Messaging & Social and Utilities & Productivity.  We wrote a blog about massaging and social, particularly the huge growth in WeChat back in October and you can read it here. Read the rest of this entry »



Reassessing the financial opportunities for app developers

Once upon a time there was only one mobile eco-system worth developing apps for: iOS.  Why?  Because that was where the money was.  It was generally accepted that the only place that people would pay for apps was the Apple App Store.

Not any more.  A recent article in the Financial Times (free subscription required) suggests that, whilst the revenue generated from the top 200 apps on the Apple App store has risen from $15 million per month to $18 million, the Google Play store has seen an astonishing growth from $3.5 million to $12 million.  And this does not include regions where the Google Play store is unavailable and where third party app stores might bolster this number even more. Read the rest of this entry »



Google Launches Its Build-Your-Own-App Technology

This week, Google launched its new, easy-to-use Android software, designed to allow iPhone users to create their very own apps. The ‘Google App Inventor’ is completely free, and its creators claim that everyone who has tried it out so far – from nursing students to schoolgirls – has been able to use it effectively.

Here at MagicSolver we have always been excited by the prospect of user-generated content, and without fail we consult the everyday users of our apps during every stage of development, to ensure ease of use and to acquire practical, constructive feedback. We believe that Google’s App Inventor isn’t something to be feared by professional App creators and developers, but is something that should be cherished for the variety and creativity that it will bring to the industry. Getting a system design and management degree is not that difficult these days, you can go ahead and learn online and get graduated soon.

Although the App Inventor only became available on Monday, there have already been some inspired uses of it by iPhone owners. A student in San Francisco has made an automated SMS response for when he is driving, to avoid having to either ignore his friends or to drive dangerously. A nurse from Indiana set up an instantaneous emergency alert from an elderly person’s iPhone if the gadget’s motion sensors detect that the owner has fallen, alerting a relative or friend immediately to check up on them.

As we celebrate the realms of possibility that this software development brings to innovation and personalisation of applications, MagicSolver is also able to rest assured in the ‘magic’ that our company is able to bring to a market of basic, quick-fix apps. We dare you to attempt to re-create our Sudoku Magic or FaceShift apps using the Google App Inventor!
[See how far you get and let us know via Facebook!]

If you think there’s still room for a little bit of magic and cutting-edge technology in the midst of your do-it-yourself apps, download one of our most innovative applications today, both of which use patented image-recognition technology:

Sudoku Magic, our first iPhone app, can capture and solve any Sudoku puzzle in a newspaper in 10 seconds:

Fancy swapping faces with your friends in a few seconds? Take a picture of a few friends on your iPhone and FaceShift automatically detects their faces! Shake your phone and the faces shift around and find a new body!