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Celebrating National Tree Week with the best tree-related apps!

Since 1975, National Tree Week has been run to encourage everyone to appreciate the importance of the role of our leafy friends play in our lives. Often called the lungs of the Earth, trees provide oxygen and a natural habitat for thousands of wildlife. We admit the MagicSolver team are guilty of trees for granted, so to make amends we have compiled three of the best tree-related apps in honour of our tall perennial plants.

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Top 3 Apps for World Oceans Day

This year for World Oceans Day, we’re taking the plunge and enjoying some fishy fun! Join in and check out our top three fish-friendly apps below!

1)    Sea HD: A High Definition Ocean Aquariam by Air Sea Land

While most fish lovers have to visit their local beach or aquarium to see exotic sea-life, Air Sea Land have designed an app that brings the underwater experience to you! Their stunning pocket aquarium allows you to get up close and personal with real sharks, eels and fish while exploring calm waters, sunken wrecks and coral reefs. With an extensive fact sheet for each featured fish, and a range of high-definition videos accompanied by ambient soundtracks, this soothing app is interesting and informative.

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