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Posts Tagged ‘green apps’


Celebrating National Tree Week with the best tree-related apps!

Since 1975, National Tree Week has been run to encourage everyone to appreciate the importance of the role of our leafy friends play in our lives. Often called the lungs of the Earth, trees provide oxygen and a natural habitat for thousands of wildlife. We admit the MagicSolver team are guilty of trees for granted, so to make amends we have compiled three of the best tree-related apps in honour of our tall perennial plants.

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Top 3 Sleeping Aid apps


Snoring isn’t just an annoying reverberating noise that erupts from your partner come bedtime; according to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association it’s a debilitating condition with long term effects on health. National Stop Snoring Week has been organised to raise awareness of this condition and show people persistent snoring can be treated. To help those suffering from ‘vibration of the respiratory structure’, we’ve come up with three top iOS apps that can aid snorers in getting a good night’s kip, learn more about fit after 50 for men.

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Top 3 Eco-Friendly Apps

In honour of the 43rd annual Earth Day we bring you our top three eco-friendly apps! These handy apps use great design and fun techy features to help you save money, conserve energy and most importantly, do your bit for the environment!

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