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Posts Tagged ‘infographic’


India emerges as an app superpower

Check out this in depth infographic about the rise of Indian as an app superpower and insatiable consumer apps. Created and commission by, this rather lengthy graphic points out how the country is ranked top or near the top in major app stores around the world and how an app developer culture has emerged to fuel this climb to app top table. More interestingly it also delves deeper into the demographic of apps users and the type of consumers they are. Take a look below.

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Appetite for apps

Following on from our previous blog post – Living without apps? Impossible” – if we need further confirmation that the world is addicted to using mobile apps then Flurry’s comprehensive five-year research analytics provides it. Integrating it analytics into thousands of apps in the U.S, the company monitored the behaviour and usage of the country’s smartphone owners. The top line results show that apps dominate the lives of American smartphone and tablets users, cannibalising 80% of the time spent using an iOS and Android connected device (according to the report this amounts to two hours and 7 minutes every day.)

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Living without apps? Impossible

Naturally, we love apps at MagicSolver but how pivotal have they become to our everyday lives? This interesting infographic commissioned by apigee reveals that many of us are dependent on apps to get us through the day or carry out simple tasks. In fact Spain is the country most reliant on apps with 93% of the research respondents saying they can’t see out one complete day without accessing apps. And who can blame them. For further infomorsels on our app addiction take a look at the infographic below.

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