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British Food Fortnight: the best apps for culinary delights

Can you believe it is British Food Fortnight?  The Brits are not renowned for their culinary genius, but have given the world such delights as the Full English/Irish/Scottish Breakfast, Fish & Chips and even Deep Fried Mars Bars!  Despite these ‘gifts’ to the world, the UK is celebrating its cuisine and culture with not one but two weeks of festivities.

At Magicsolver HQ in Cambridge, we have more than 20 different nationalities working in our team and we celebrated this earlier this year with a picnic that brought together food from as far apart as Italy, Japan, Venezuela and, er, France.

To celebrate all things gastronomic and to salute great British food, here are the top five apps for gourmets the world over:

  1. Urbanspoon

Why not take the hassle out of eating out and let an app decide for you.  Urbanspoon lets you choose a nearby town or city, a type of cuisine and a price range and shake your iPhone.  Urbanspoon will decide where you will be eating, avoiding all those nasty arguments about whether one Italian restaurant is better than another.  And if you have a bad meal? It’s the app’s fault not yours!

  1. Cellar

Many foodies also enjoy a glass or two of vino with their gourmet meals, so why not download Cellar to keep an eye on your wine collection?  You can customise your cellar with shape of bottle, colour of glass, bottle top and kind of label.  With a wishlist and scrapheap, Cellar enables you to keep a track of what you like and what you don’t from the safety of your own phone.

  1. Allthecooks recipes

With more than 150,000 recipes within its archive, Allthecooks enables you to get great recipes from other foodies.   This vibrant culinary community means you can ask a question mid-recipe and you will have the answer in moments.  You can even search for recipes by what you have in the cupboard or fridge, enabling you to whip up something amazing from what is around the home.

  1. Meal Plans – Food on the Table

Want to plan great recipes and save money at the same time?   If course you do!  So you will need a copy of Meal Plans – Food on the Table nestling on your Android phone.  This app collects information about bargains at your local supermarket and then suggests recipes that you can make with these ingredients.  Not only do you have a great meal planner, but you also cut the cost of the weekly shopping trip.

  1. Time to Roast

Whatever else the Brits have served up to the world, there is no denying the comforting smell of a roast dinner in the oven.  Unless of course, you have overcooked the goose or left the chicken underdone.  This app, available for Apple iOS, tells you exactly how long you need to cook a roast dinner for in order to deliver the perfect dish at the perfect temperature.  Genius!

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