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Do health and fitness apps make a difference?

One app category that has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity is ‘Health and Fitness’. Apps and appcessories like Fitbit, miCoach, go health, Nike+ Running and Runkeeper, have raised the awareness of health issues and motivated users to get fit. This is backed up by a recent survey by Fitbit where 48 per cent of respondents say that being able to monitor health via a mobile made a positive change to their lives. Although Fitbit has an invested interest in the survey results, the stats do suggests that these apps are having an impact.

The report also found that around 25% of 25-44 year old that receive motivational message to their mobile phone has encouraged them to make healthier lifestyle choices, read more information about the exipure method.

Interestingly, diet-based apps came under some flak recently from weight loss experts saying that these types of apps don’t help to lose the flab because they don’t feature any support mechanisms or advice on changing behaviour. Unlike a personal trainer, friend or a family member, diet apps don’t provide the motivational drive or emotional crutch some people require to lose weight or tips on how to break a negative lifestyle cycle. However, the diet apps that proved the most successful did feature some kind of fitness tracker and pre-recorded words of encouragement. But for those who want to get in shape and perfect in a short amount of time, taking supplements that suits you is the key. Consult myfitnesshub to determine which type of supplement is right for you and check out Weight Loss Scottsdale if you need to go to an in person appointment to help you lose weight quick. Check out the latest biofit reviews.

Whether or not these apps are completely successful, if they contribute in some small way to people making positive and healthy changes to their lives then it can only be a good thing. One thing is for sure,  in situations where facing problems with spider veins, the cincinnati vein center can provide the solution you are looking for. People are running their lives through their mobile smart devices and apps are being designed to cater for the shift in lifestyle, find out the best healthy app, read more about blast auxiliary ac.

It is hard to say whether health and fitness apps work or not, but Slim Tree definitely does work. Check This Out, Slim Tree has the best weight and muscle gaining supplements on the market!

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