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13 Trick or Treats app spooks the media

Most of you will be no doubt getting ready for today’s ghoulish holiday by dry cleaning your ghost costume, practicing your apple bobbing technique or drinking a glass of blood or two. But to really get into the spirit of Halloween you should be downloading our 13 Trick or Treats app. Free for Android and iOS user, this app recommends 13 of the best Halloween-themed games for you to download for nothing.

But don’t take our word for it. The app has already grabbed the attention of the media and the response has been more positive than Dracula’s blood group. 13 Trick or Treats featured in The Guardian online’s ‘30 Best Android Apps of the Week’ while it made leading gadget website’s ‘Best Android Apps of the Week.’ Elsewhere Mobile Entertainment awarded it ‘App of the Day’ and BBC Click ran a nice little feature on the app with presenter Kate Russell embracing the fun side of Halloween by donning a zombie mask. That’s the spirit Kate.

BBC Click - Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!


Get FreeAppMagic Daily from the App Store now!

Have you check out the latest and greatest version of the best discovery app in the world – FreeAppMagic Daily!

Packed with international savings leaderboards, national colour backgrounds and three fantastic free apps every day, this is the best way to discover the creme de la creme of the app store!

Check it out on the App Store:

The MagicSolver Team



Enjoy Euro 2012 with the Zozulica sounds!

Euro 2012 is about to kick off so why not support your team with the sounds of the Ukrainian Vuvuzela – Zozulica 2012 – Euro Football Sounds!

Blow into your iPhone or tap the screen to make a truly authentic Eastern European folk sound with the help of this crazy instrument.

It’s the perfect background noise to an exciting football match! Or, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can turn your phone into a rattle and shake away as if you’re standing on the terraces!

With it’s great graphics and easy to use interface, anybody can pick up the Zozulica and start playing great (or annoying) music.

So turn up the volume as loud as you can and show the rest of Europe who you support with the help of Zozulica!

Now available on iPhone & iPad! Download from the App Store:

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Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with three Royal Surprises every day!

Available now on the App Store:

Wave the flag, and join in with the royal celebrations for this special Diamond jubilee! Because 60 year on the throne is something that you will see just once on a lifetime; we would like to celebrate it with you with our Diamond Jubilee app, which brings you 3 free royal surprises each day!

MagicSolver are hosting an app party, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years of reign, and you’re invited! So why not get rewarded for joining in with the mobile jamboree with the help of Specialists of the Apps Store and connoisseurs of the social world: MagicSolver!

Everyday to celebrate we’ll be finding some of the top things from across the web and giving it to you for free. From top apps for free, to chart topping tunes, hilarious video clips and awesome podcasts, we’ll be finding things that you’ll love to share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and even by text!

MagicSolver loves a celebration and what better excuse to have one than the Queen of England’s Diamond jubilee! So download Diamond Jubilee and come join the party

Enjoy the most of your 3 royal surprises!

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It is the time to be jolly with Free App Magic’s new Christmas edition!

Christmas is almost upon us! And the Christmas Spirit has invaded Free App Magic:
Welcome to Free App Magic – Christmas Edition!

This is a special time of year for us at MagicSolver; as we are such huge Christmas fans we just couldn’t miss out on celebrating this fabulous festive season!

With Free App Magic – Christmas Edition we continue the trend of ‘bringing to our users the best possible experience in app discovery ’, with this Christmas edition our users will still be getting and enjoying 3 new apps every day and they remain 100% free!   But they will get additional Christmas graphics and sound effects to get them into the festive mood!

Link to the App Store:

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Sudoku Battle receives a great review!

We are delighted by Appa snap’s review of our fab app Sudoku Battle. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Click here to read the review:

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MagicSolver featured in Mobclix article!

We are excited to announce that Mobclix has published a great article featuring MagicSolver’s work on seasonal apps. Mobclix recently approached us, impressed by the seasonal apps we have produced up until now; they asked us to participate in an  interview on seasonal apps – focusing on the positive aspects behind producing such apps, and the skills necessary to produce a successful seasonal app.

To find out more –  go to:

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Halloween – 13 Spooky apps!!

Great news for our iOS users, our Halloween app has just been released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This delectably creepy app is now all yours to download!
Just go to:

Don’t be confused by the name change –
Halloween – 13 spooky apps

this app is the same as our previous Halloween Countdown – 13 Dark Surprises out on Android –

You get all the same fantastically spooky surprises and fabulous sound effects.  So enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!!

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Halloween Countdown App released on Android + free spooky Facebook presents!

We are so excited that our Halloween Countdown- 13 Dark Surprises has been released today on Android! To find out more go to:

We have a little bad news for iPhone and iPad users – our iOS version has been delayed; due to iOS5 updates flooding Apple’s system they are back-logged with app reviews. But watch this space because we will let you know as soon as our fabulously spooky app is released – and trust us it is well worth the wait!!

But in the meantime, check out our Facebook page,
Every day, we will be giving our Facebook fans free Halloween gifts and tips on making this the greatest and most chilling Halloween ever!

We begin with this haunting wallpaper for your iPhone – to get you into the mood for Halloween – enjoy! Don’t forget to return to our Facebook page every day for your next creepy gift/tip – and don’t forget to tell all your friends about us!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Countdown App – Coming Soon!!

Halloween is coming up and MagicSolver is dedicated to getting you into the Halloween spirit! Behold our new and exciting app,  Halloween Countdown  –  13 dark surprises! This new app bursting full of spooky delights, will be available in the App Store from midnight on the 19th October!

It will allow you to literally start counting down the days to the arrival of All Hallow’s Eve. Everyday we will bring you 1delectably scary surprise; our chilling animations and creepy sounds are guaranteed to get you into the mood for Halloween!

Dig up a new grave everyday to discover the scary presents that we have for you!!

Andrea from the MagicSolver Team

Note that the best and most chilling surprise will be available for you to download on the 31st October!

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Free App Magic Featured on ‘BBC Click’

Free App Magic have been featured on the highly acclaimed “BBC Click” TV programme. Presenter Kate Russell – a well-known technology journalist explains what Free App Magic is about and confirms that this is definitely one app that she will be checking in with daily! Take a look at it:

“Nowadays there are millions of apps out there, therefore Free App Magic has been developed with the main aim to help users to discover great paid apps for free” said Emmanuel Carraud CEO of MagicSolver.

The MagicSolver team would like to express our happiness about our great achievements, and we would like to thank all our users – for your amazing daily feedbacks, and Kate Russell for mentioning us in her TV Program.

We at MagicSolver will keep on working hard, to bring the best possible experience in apps discovery to all our users worldwide.

Andrea from the MagicSolver Team

P.S. Halloween is coming up and we at MagicSolver have developed a scary experience, that you will be able to enjoy form the 19th October! 13 dark surprises that you shouldn’t miss out!.

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Follow us in Twitter: @MagicSolver

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Free App Magic users have saved 4 million dollars within the last 3 months

The new version 1.3 of Free App Magic is already in the App Store:

After the hugely positive response to Free App Magic and the great feedback we received  from our users; we at MagicSolver decided to enhance our app in order to keep bringing you the best possible experience in apps discovery. 300,000 users worldwide have already saved 4 million dollars in the last 3 months by downloading paid apps for free every day, and now with the introduction of Free App Magic version 1.3 the experience is getting even better! The new features included are:

  • The Global Community savings, which are in your Magic Piggy Bank! Keep track of the total amount of money saved up to now and how it will keep up increasing;
  • Access to the history of apps previously  featured on Free App Magic;
  • Now you can get your apps 1 hour earlier;
  • Better sound effects and a mute option;
  • 3 new languages (Arabic, Swedish and Chinese);
  • Automatic option to share app deals and your saving milestones on Twitter and Facebook;
  • New exciting animations;
  • And iOS5 support

Don’t spend time hunting through over 400,000 applications available in the App Store. Let us do the hard work and source the best apps out there for you. Discover great paid apps for free every day with Free App Magic

Andrea from the MagicSolver Team

P.S. Now Halloween is coming up and we at MagicSolver are working on a scary experience, special for you! – Watch this space.

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Rugby World Cup Calendar 2011 is already on the App Store

Rugby World Cup Calendar 2011Rugby time is NOW! And the Rugby World Cup Calendar 2011 app is ready for you to download. This great all-in-one app brings you all the full calendar of matches, information about each team and even the rules, for those heated debates with your friends over what the difference is between a ruck and a maul!

You can also keep up to date with all the latest news and results live. Follow every single second of the RWC 2011 and support your favorite team throughout the tournament. Rugby fans, it’s time to kick off!

In addition, we have created our own Rugby team, which will give you 15 different surprises 100% free, one from every player of the team. Make sure you check back every day to pick your surprise up.

Remember, though, there is no need for a scrum over the download button – the app is completely free and already available in the App Store for everyone!

Andrea from the MagicSolver Team

P.S. We’re working on something extra special for Halloween – watch this space

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Celebrate FreeAppMagic’s 1st birthday with brand new FreeAppMagic Daily!

MagicSolver is celebrating the 1st year anniversary of FreeAppMagic. To celebrate it in style, we have developed FreeAppMagic Daily, a brand new version for iPhone/iPad users. FreeAppMagic Daily is an international edition available in 11 languages, which allows you to Discover 3 top apps every day, get them for free to Save money and Excite everyone with a fabulously pimped up smart device!

FreeAppMagic Daily helps you to Discover the crème de la crème of apps. Save money by getting them while they’re free and Excite friends and family with our fab new selections of apps – by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, email or even by text!

In this brand new version, you can customise FreeAppMagic Daily by choosing your country and helping it reach the top of the world simply by downloading apps – the more you save, the better your country does!

So download FreeAppMagic Daily right now, start discovering 3 apps for free every day, and don’t forget to share it with your friends to get your country to the top!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

The big day has now arrived. We hope you are having a day full of romance and delights. Don’t forget we still have one more surprise for you to open in Valentine’s Day 2012: 14 best free apps for your love.

If you still haven’t download our Valentine’s app go to and don’t worry you won’t miss out, you can still open all the previous surprises!




Discover the new version 1.4 of Free App Magic today!

Under the same concept but with new features the new version 1.4 of Free App Magic is already in the App Store for you to download!

What does Free App Magic’s new version have for you?

  • Our Piggy bank as our saving character will be animated in order to celebrate from now on all the upcoming events with you;
  • After your comments and  feedbacks we have changed the bomb for a clock, which will allows you to know how much time left do you have before the apps of the day changes.
  • New and sleek design for a better user experience;
  • New animations;
  • New way of sharing the app not just through social media but also by SMS;
  • And we have added a quick survey for you to fill up and help us to refine our daily selection based on your interests.

Make sure you don’t miss any paid apps for free that we have for you every day, enjoy the most of your device with Free App Magic and we will do the rest!

By the MagicSolver Team



Valentine’s Day 2012 is ready for you to download!

Only 14 days left until Valentine’s Day arrives and today we are releasing our brand new Valentine’s Day 2012: 14 free apps for love. Which means that today has officially started the Valentine’s Day 2012 countdown!

Download it right now and get a free apps tailored to your interests. Whether you are single or in a relationship we will make sure that this year everyone will get in the mood for this special day.

In addition to that, today starts the funniest Facebook contest, where we will like to hear the story of your most embarrassing date?

How does it work?

  • Go to our MagicSolver Fan Page: and press the “Like” button
  • Post your experience and share it with your friends to see which is the funniest, embarrassing and most unbelievable story.
  • The deadline to post you story is 13th February. On the 14th February we will reveal the winner.
  • The winner will be the person who posts the most authentic story.
  • The price is a surprise that will be revealed on the following days… 😉

And we will also be posting great tips, surprises and ideas for you to start planning what to do on the Valentine’s Day!

Download Valentine’s Day 2012: 14 free apps for love now from the Apps Store:



Free App Magic has started 2012 with a brand new look!

Free App Magic has started the New Year 2012 with a brand new look, which allows you to keep discovering 3 new apps for free every day. To join in with the celebrations and start the year off of an excite new note download Free App Magic 2012 – full of fireworks and celebration. Update to the current version; and keep enjoying the New Year with Free App Magic!

Click here to download it —>

Please, send us your feedback at

Do you have an app you would love us to feature – or a particular type of app you enjoy playing let us know at where you can tailor your own wish-lists!

The MagicSolver Team



Get Christmas Advent Calendar 2011 Today!

Treat yourself this Christmas, and deck out your smart device with wonderful winter apps – for free! Christmas Advent Calendar 2011 has now been released – download it today to get your hands on the hottest apps of the season – a free app each day!!

Our 3rd version of the Christmas Advent Calendar promises to be even better than the last, bringing you fantastic experiences and all the magic of the festive period to your device.

Bursting full of free apps, it is available on iPhone/ iPad and Android. So get ready to discover a free gift each day – everything from games to shopping utility apps, but if you order ask for your invoice template to give to your accountant.

So jolly up your smart device this Christmas by downloading this fabulously festive Advent Calendar 2011.

Merry Christmas from the MagicSolver team!


P.S. Keep checking our facebook page – as we will be giving away free festive wallpapers, ringtones, recipes, and tips to make this Christmas the best ever yet!

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