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Discover the new version 1.4 of Free App Magic today!

Under the same concept but with new features the new version 1.4 of Free App Magic is already in the App Store for you to download!

What does Free App Magic’s new version have for you?

  • Our Piggy bank as our saving character will be animated in order to celebrate from now on all the upcoming events with you;
  • After your comments and  feedbacks we have changed the bomb for a clock, which will allows you to know how much time left do you have before the apps of the day changes.
  • New and sleek design for a better user experience;
  • New animations;
  • New way of sharing the app not just through social media but also by SMS;
  • And we have added a quick survey for you to fill up and help us to refine our daily selection based on your interests.

Make sure you don’t miss any paid apps for free that we have for you every day, enjoy the most of your device with Free App Magic and we will do the rest!

By the MagicSolver Team


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