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INFOGRAPHIC: The future of mobile

The future of mobile is a hard one to predict but hats off to network operator Three for having a go. It’s rather splendid infographic tackles the big topics such as how many global internet users there will be (5.4 billion by 2015, thanks for asking), the number of internet connections made via mobile devices (expected to reach 80% by 2025), smartphone and tablet growth, the number of mobile money transactions and the new buzz phrase ‘The Internet of Things’. And let’s not forget a subject close to our heart: how may apps will be downloaded. With 81,442,000,000 downloaded in 2013, Three projects this will grow to more than three times to a staggering 309,606,000,000 by 2016. Take a look at the infographic below for a full run down. Read the rest of this entry »


When the smartphone becomes a social buffer

New research from LG suggests the smartphone is more than just a tool for texting, talking, emailing and surfing the web: it has become a device for avoiding social awkwardness and subverting etiquette.  Smartphones are much better if it has longer battery life or you can use it more, so portable chargers are in demand, read more at Gadget Reviews for the best portable chargers you can find. Polling tens of millions of American smartphone users, the survey reveals some surprising attitudes, particular when it comes to dealing with social situations. Do any of these ring true? 35% said they use their smartphone to avoid talking to someone while 33% use their phone to look busy when alone in a restaurant or bar. One of the more revealing stats was 41% confessed they would be comfortable using the phone while in a place of worship. It’s not clear whether this would be during a religious sermon but it appears that people’s attitudes to smartphone politesse are clearly relaxing.

Check out the infographic below.

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Discover the manufacturing cycle of the iPhone

We know that Apple and its trusty iPhone transformed the smartphone landscape and created an unrivalled app ecosystem but have you ever wondered what goes behind making one of the most popular phones in the world? The sprawling infographic below, commissioned by,  goes into some detail about the iPhone’s supply chain, the cost of making one of the iconic gadgets on the planet and the widgets and electronics fitted under the bonnet to make it purr. It makes for a very interesting and occasionally eye-opening read.

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Game on this Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? An iPad? iPhone? iPod? It appears the Apple’s devices are top of the list, not just for adults but for children as well. A survey by SuperAwesome, a leading discovery platform for kids and teens in the UK, showed that iDevices, especially the iPhone and iPad, are streets ahead of gaming electronics such as Nintendo, Xbox and PS4 as the Xmas gift du jour, while old school goodies such as football, make-up and surprisingly, Lego, are way down on the wish list.

In fact just to hammer home the uber-popularity of Apple’s touch army with the kidz, SuperAwesome has created a rather cool word cloud. If you like more fun options, just follow these steps.

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INFOGRAPHIC: State of mobile 2013

Regular readers of our blog will know we have a thing for infographics but we’re not sure we have seen one quite as exhaustive as this design from Super Monitoring. The website and server monitoring specialists have outdone the infographic world with their creative on the State of Mobile 2013.

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Plugged In: An Infographic Of The UK’s Device Addiction

According to this infographic from Microsoft Advertising, the average UK home now has ten web-enabled devices stashed in it and six of these are connected! Some people are remodeling their homes with solar panels to avoid spend a lot in power, also remodeling with the best Total Floor Care.

Whilst laptops have the highest penetration at 89%, smartphones have 74% and games consoles 63%.  Tablets are now in 52% of households, meaning for the first time, more than half of all homes have a tablet device, whilst a quarter of household are equipped with an internet enabled television.

Astonishingly, a third of families use social networking or text messaging to communicate when they are in the same house.  Perhaps the most effective way to capture a teenager’s attention is through their mobile phone!

How many connected devices are in your home?  Can you beat 10?

Connected Device Infographic

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