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INFOGRAPHIC: State of mobile 2013

Regular readers of our blog will know we have a thing for infographics but we’re not sure we have seen one quite as exhaustive as this design from Super Monitoring. The website and server monitoring specialists have outdone the infographic world with their creative on the State of Mobile 2013.

Every facet seems to be covered from mobile phone adoption and operating system market share, smartphone penetration rates, smartphone and tablet sales through to mobile user activity and consumption and beyond. You name it and it will be in this fascinating infographic.

Naturally, apps have been covered off and the graphic threw up two major stats. It revealed that mobile users spend 80% of their mobile time in apps, although it appears they only actively use 6.5 apps throughout a 30 day period – a figure we think is actually quite low. Perhaps they need someone (or may be MagicSolver) to recommend some great new apps to play with?

Sources: Super Monitoring

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