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Why you should optimise your apps for iOS 7

Released in September, Apple’s shiny new iOS 7 operating system delivers some nifty new features for app developers to integrate API into its apps while also offering some new opportunities to improve engagement with users. These include automatic updates, letting users find apps ‘Near Me’, a facility to target your app to a specific age group, greater presence on the device’s App Store and a ‘Wish list’ function enabling users to earmark an app their like to download at a later date.

According to reports some 200 users (and counting!) have upgraded to iOS 7 so the decision whether to optimise your apps shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re one of the undecided then perhaps this infographic below from India-based IT Company Dot Com Infoway might persuade you to take the plunge.

Source: Business 2 Community


The rise of Brazil and China as app store giants

When it comes to the number of app downloads, Google Play is out ranking the Apple App Store. This time (Q3) last year, Google was ahead in downloads by 10%. Q3 2013 and the search-engine giants have increased their lead to around 25%. One of the main drivers for this increase is the fifth biggest country in the world in terms of land mass and population – Brazil. In its latest research on these two major app stores, app analytic and intelligence experts, App Annie, has cited the influence of the country’s middle class to its growth in downloads.

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App developers reject the paid model

For app developers choosing the right pricing/revenue model is a key factor in the success of their app. We have rigourously debated the relative advantages and disadvantages of the different models – paid for free with ad support and freemium – in previous blogs but the newest debate centres on the end of paid for apps.

Tech Crunch’s insightful article on this subject shows this isn’t a clear cut argument as you may expect. The stats from Flurry research shows the move toward free is getting larger: from 2010 to 2012 the proportion of free apps on the Apple App Store grew from 80% to 84%. In 2013 this had reached 90%. The interesting discovery from this research was that app developers shifted towards the free pricing model not through peer pressure but by experimenting with different streams to find the model that suited their app.

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Game on this Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? An iPad? iPhone? iPod? It appears the Apple’s devices are top of the list, not just for adults but for children as well. A survey by SuperAwesome, a leading discovery platform for kids and teens in the UK, showed that iDevices, especially the iPhone and iPad, are streets ahead of gaming electronics such as Nintendo, Xbox and PS4 as the Xmas gift du jour, while old school goodies such as football, make-up and surprisingly, Lego, are way down on the wish list.

In fact just to hammer home the uber-popularity of Apple’s touch army with the kidz, SuperAwesome has created a rather cool word cloud. If you like more fun options, just follow these steps.

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Foot loose and fancy freemium

For app developers, the pros and cons of adopting a freemium model still provokes much debate. Monetising an app is an important part of any developer’s strategy and along with the in-app purchasing there are paid and ad-supported options for developers to consider. But whatever route taken, freemium still grabs the headlines.

An infographic from monetising and app distribution specialists StartApp, plays out the story of going freemium, highlight the success stories of freemium-based apps (take a bow Candy Crush Saga) but also noting the risks involved going down this revenue avenue – the biggest of which is convincing users to make the in-app purchases to recoup the lack of upfront cost. Make sure you check out the infographic below to get a pictorial lowdown on freemium.

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Let’s celebrate the 5th birthday of the App Store together!

A week after we celebrated the 4th birthday of MagicSolver in our offices, Apple were celebrating the 5th birthday of the App Store and a load of developers decided to join the party by making their apps free for the celebration.

So with our team obviously loving fantastic free apps, we felt obliged to share the best of the bunch with all of the people who use FreeAppMagic on iOS. And, according to our download numbers, the three apps below came out as the most popular. Check them out!

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MagicSolver celebrate 4 years and 30 million users!

When two Cambridge University students created MagicSolver on the 9th of July 2009,  we never imagined we would last that or that we would get as much success and recognition from our fans across the world.

So we’re proud to celebrate our 4th anniversary in charge of a company creating the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Android for our 30 million users in over 120 countries.

The tens of thousands of positive emails, reviews and feedback from our users has been our best reward, helping our team of 20 talented app Magicians feel proud to be selecting the best apps every day for you in both and for our renowned seasonal calendars.

We’re also glad to have worked with a number of fantastic partners, from the best indie developers looking to get their apps discovered through to the top gaming companies and the best digital advertising agencies.

So thanks again to our 30 million users, the 600 talented apps developers we have selected apps from and all the Magicians on our team who have helped to make this all possible.

Emmanuel Carraud & Oliver Lamming


Top 5 apps for father’s day

Father’s day is just around the corner so we’ve been looking at some useful apps that your Daddy will enjoy having on his device:

GrillTime – Grill Timer & BBQ Cooking Guide

Spending quality time with the family is always important for a dad and it is even better for him if he can set fire to things. So if the weather is warm enough, get him to fire up the barbecue and help your dad out with GrillTime; the ultimate barbeque app. It allows him to set up custom cooking timers, burger flipping alarms and it even includes a grilling guide with the recommended cooking time for ninety five foods (including veggie options) to make sure he gets the steaks just right and doesn’t serve the sausages raw.

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Top 3 Apps for World Oceans Day

This year for World Oceans Day, we’re taking the plunge and enjoying some fishy fun! Join in and check out our top three fish-friendly apps below!

1)    Sea HD: A High Definition Ocean Aquariam by Air Sea Land

While most fish lovers have to visit their local beach or aquarium to see exotic sea-life, Air Sea Land have designed an app that brings the underwater experience to you! Their stunning pocket aquarium allows you to get up close and personal with real sharks, eels and fish while exploring calm waters, sunken wrecks and coral reefs. With an extensive fact sheet for each featured fish, and a range of high-definition videos accompanied by ambient soundtracks, this soothing app is interesting and informative.

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Few technology sectors have growing at such a rapid rate as the app industry. From being now existent in 2007 to being a predicted $46 billion industry in 2016, apps have had a major impact on society and our everyday lives around the world. We know there are big numbers involved in the app industry evolution but when you see them laid out in all their glory on the infographic below it shows just how massive the industry has become. One of the stats highlights the pace at which app downloads have increased: from its inception in 2008 it took the nine months to reach 1 billion downloads. Compare that with current figures – by the end of 2013 we will be downloading two billion iOS and Android billion apps per week – and you can see how the world have become obsessed with apps.

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