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Let’s celebrate the 5th birthday of the App Store together!

A week after we celebrated the 4th birthday of MagicSolver in our offices, Apple were celebrating the 5th birthday of the App Store and a load of developers decided to join the party by making their apps free for the celebration.

So with our team obviously loving fantastic free apps, we felt obliged to share the best of the bunch with all of the people who use FreeAppMagic on iOS. And, according to our download numbers, the three apps below came out as the most popular. Check them out!

How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything started out life as an enormous cookbook from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. But, with the release of touchscreen phones and tablets, he realised that he could bring his recipes across to the App Store.

The result is this absolutely superb in depth cooking resource. The app comes with an astonishing 2000 recipes and 400 illustrated how to guides, meaning that you can cater for all tastes when you’re entertaining.

And, if that wasn’t enough, How to Cook Everything boasts a number of handy tools to help you on your way. Whether you need to convert imperial to metric, set a timer or bookmark an important page, this app offers the lot making sure you’re never without the right equipment.

So if you need a recipe book and enough tools to kit out a culinary Swiss Army Knife, How to Cook Everything is the perfect app for you.

Infinity Blade 2

Fancy yourself as a bit of a sword fighter? Infinity Blade 2 is a game to sort the swordsmen from the boys.

Embarking on an epic adventure, you must challenge a variety of hideous creatures to single combat in gloriously detailed game worlds. Swipe the screen to launch attacks, parry enemy blows and tap the screen as hard as you can when an enemy presses for the kill.

Featuring graphics that can only be described as sumptuous and an engrossing story, Infinity Blade 2 has earned its place as one of the App Store’s finest adventures.


Instagram is one of our favourite apps in the office but we found that customising photos beyond adding the famous filters was tricky to do. But that’s very much “Over” thanks to one of the apps we showed off last week.

Yes, Over is an app that lets you add text to your Instagram photos. Now, some of you may be familiar with Snapchat and think that this app would offer you the chance to put some Times New Roman on your pictures.

But it’s far more sophisticated than that. Featuring a breathtakingly well designed user interface, you can pick and choose from a number of highly attractive fonts to give greater depth to your photography and produce amazing results.

We think Over is one of those apps that we think is absolutely essential for photography nuts everywhere, so check it out!

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