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Archive for the ‘Topicality’ Category


Top 3 Royal Baby Apps

With the arrival of Britain’s newest Prince or Princess imminent, we take a look at the Best of British Royal Baby apps!

1)    Baby Royals by Angelsong Creations

While the Prince or Princess of Cambridge will most certainly be getting the royal treatment, Angelson Creations have designed an app that allows you to do the same for your little one*! Simply snap a photo of the wannabe future Queen or King and click to add regal jewels, clothes and headwear. With razor sharp graphics and everything from traditional crowns and tiaras to Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh outfits to choose from, this fantastic photobooth is a royal winner!

*Don’t have a baby to beautify? Why not crown your dog, cat or friend? It’s hilarious!

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Top 3 Tennis apps

Anyone for tennis? With Wimbledon swinging to its conclusion this Sunday, you’re probably in the mood to get a racket out and go rally down the local courts. But, if you don’t want to miss all the great matches, then you may want to settle down with these three tennis apps that we’ve featured in Free App Magic over the past year to get into a virtual sweat with.

Stick Tennis

First up, we’re serving you a game from the makers of legendary Flash powered time waster Stick Cricket. Stick Tennis is a cartoony take on tennis, getting you scampering around a cel shaded court and timing shots perfectly to bamboozle your opponents.

Where Stick Tennis excels is in how simple it is. Every shot is powered by a swipe on the screen meaning that you can backhand, forehand and lob the ball in absolute ease. It makes the game really simple to pick up, meaning you’ll be playing with the grace of Roger Federer about ten minutes into the game.

Packed with real players, a variety of courts and tons of replayability, Stick Tennis is perfect for those of you wanting to get a match going with minimum hassle.

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Top 5 apps for father’s day

Father’s day is just around the corner so we’ve been looking at some useful apps that your Daddy will enjoy having on his device:

GrillTime – Grill Timer & BBQ Cooking Guide

Spending quality time with the family is always important for a dad and it is even better for him if he can set fire to things. So if the weather is warm enough, get him to fire up the barbecue and help your dad out with GrillTime; the ultimate barbeque app. It allows him to set up custom cooking timers, burger flipping alarms and it even includes a grilling guide with the recommended cooking time for ninety five foods (including veggie options) to make sure he gets the steaks just right and doesn’t serve the sausages raw.

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Top 3 Apps for World Oceans Day

This year for World Oceans Day, we’re taking the plunge and enjoying some fishy fun! Join in and check out our top three fish-friendly apps below!

1)    Sea HD: A High Definition Ocean Aquariam by Air Sea Land

While most fish lovers have to visit their local beach or aquarium to see exotic sea-life, Air Sea Land have designed an app that brings the underwater experience to you! Their stunning pocket aquarium allows you to get up close and personal with real sharks, eels and fish while exploring calm waters, sunken wrecks and coral reefs. With an extensive fact sheet for each featured fish, and a range of high-definition videos accompanied by ambient soundtracks, this soothing app is interesting and informative.

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Top 3 Wine Apps

Wine is made all over the world but this week MagicSolver HQ is celebrating closer to home with English Wine Week. Although perhaps not considered a wine making region of renown when compared to France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, etc, England has actually gained a reputation in the wine making world for producing quality vino. So raise a glass to Blighty with these three wine-themed apps.

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Back of the net! Three fantastic football apps


It’s the Champions League final this weekend and we’ll be glued to our screens at 7.45 on Saturday evening to watch Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund go toe to toe at Wembley! But if you want to get yourself eager for what will likely be an excellent match, here are three football apps to get you in the mood.

Score! World Goals


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Top 5 Apps for National Vegetarian Week

In the MagicSolver office we’re celebrating National Vegetarian Week! While this fun food event was designed to celebrate everything Vegetarian, you don’t have to be a Vegetarian to join in. Whether you’re meat-free or not, prepare yourself for a week of veg-filled activities with our top five Vegetarian apps.

As a Vegetarian, eating out can be a problem. There’s nothing worse than sitting down in a restaurant to find that the only meatless dish is the breadsticks! Luckily, Happy Cow have come up with a solution. Their great app is designed to help Vegetarians and Vegans easily identify veg-friendly cafes, food stores and restaurants in their local area. With easy search options, regularly updated info and mouth-watering user reviews and pics, this great app is a hungry Veggie’s best friend!


Top 3 apps for Family fun

Admit it, we all take our family for granted sometimes; life just gets in the way. But it without getting to serious, ‘The Family’ is the bedrock and fabric of society and on a personal level the most important people in our lives. If you weren’t aware, Wednesday was the International Day of Families, a programme run by the United Nations to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of family and the essential role it plays in our lives. So tonight, instead of immersing yourself in the TV, shutting yourself in the bedroom or acknowledging mum and dad with a grunt, play some of these app we’ve recommended below and have a fun-filled family bonding session.

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Top 3 Children’s Book apps

May is National Share-a- Story-Month, a time to get children interested in books and reading by spinning a few of your favourite yarns to a young audience. Anything that gets the wee stripling’s nose in a book or fires their imagination can only be a good thing. Of course, thanks to the advancement of technology in smartphones, tablets and apps, the humble children’s book has had an interactive transformation. Whippersnappers can now enjoy stories through touchscreens, complete with cool animation, educational mini games, sound effects and interactive flourishes. So to celebrate the art of storytelling and to encourage kids to read, we have hand-picked three of the most interactive and exciting Children’s Book apps available on the virtual book shelves.

The Cat In The Hat – Dr. Seuss

Undoubtedly one of the greatest children’s books ever, Dr. Seuss rhyme, rhythm and repetition-tastic tale is a great way for kids to learn to read – and be entertained in the process. The apps features are all geared for improving literacy – words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched while individual words can be highlighted and read aloud when tapped. But one of the coolest features is the ability to record your own storytelling voice and share it with other users of this app. But if you’re too self-conscious about dubbing your own narration you can still rely on pro actors to weave this catty tale.

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