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Looking beyond the top 50 apps

App developers and publishers look away now. According to new research 81 per cent of UK visitors to the Apple App Store do not browse past the first 50 apps – this is despite the store getting 52.2 million visits a week in the UK. Worse still, over half (57 per cent) of iPhone users fail to look beyond the top 25 apps.

This is deflating news for app developers starting out or established publishers trying to engage customer and attract download traffic. With over 700,000 apps on the App Store and a further 435,000 expected to land on iTunes in 2013 it is easy to see why smartphone and tablet users find discovering new apps a daunting task.

Judging from this study, it is critical for app developers/publishers to appear high up in the rankings to gain any sort of in-store visibility; they certainly cannot rely on Apple’s promotional policy to gain traction.

MagicSolver offers another route for developers/publishers to increasing app downloads through our own portfolio of apps. FreeAppMagic, our flagship app, offers three paid for apps for free every day while we have seasonal/event apps such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas Advent.

Our apps have 10 million plus iOS and Android users in 100 countries, so app developers and publishers who sign up for our service will be privy to a large audience – we have delivered over 50 million downloads so far.

Another interesting outcome from the study is that 85 per cent of App Store visitors need some persuading before making a download: strong reviews, images, and a reasonable price are the main criteria they look to before pressing the buy button. MagicSolver has an editorial team that selects the best apps to promote on our apps. All the apps promoted are four of five star reviews and are, of course free for 24 hours; this tick the two main user reasons for downloading.

So although this news may seem like a depressing read for developer/publishers, all is not lost: talk to us to find new ways to rise up through the App Store rankings and gain exposure.


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