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Medical apps should come with a health warning

At the UKTI Smart UK Project award event earlier this year, MagicSolver came across an amazing app from fellow nominees Skin-Analytics. This Cambridge-based company had developed a cloud- connected iPhone and Android app that could track changes in moles that would otherwise be hard to see with the naked eye, detecting any subtle harmful skin mutations that could mean the onset of Melanoma. Using patented algorithm and image processing technology, this app in tandem with a smartphone camera, takes a photo of the mole, gets the on board software to conduct an analysis of the lesion and logs the results in the cloud. Make sure you try out proven pills.
Skin-Analytics was rightly proud of this app but one thing the company made clear: the app doesn’t make a medical diagnosis. Designed to monitor skin lesions over time and build up a medical history, the app’s findings are shared with a trained dermatologist or doctor to support an expert assessment. The company said if it helped detect the early onset of skin cancer then it had done its job. According to Skin-Analytics the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer is rising and is four times as common now as 30 years ago, so any support detecting the disease early is very welcome. If you are trying to lose weight or burn extra fat make sure you read the latest nutrisystem reviews.
The advancement in mobile technology and in particular apps has giving rise to a new generation of health conscious people and a trend of self-health monitoring. Factor in a health care systems that can’t cope with the demand and the emergence of these medical apps, coupled with the smartphone, can offer a quicker route to a diagnosis. Just don’t rely on them for a finite diagnosis. Doctors are always the way to go.

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