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Are app stores a graveyard for apps?

App performance specialists New Relic have come up with a rather startling statistic: 60% of apps on the Apple App Store have never been downloaded. That’s approximately 480,000 apps that have never been installed on someone’s iOS device. It also reported that one in four apps are abandoned after the first play. In this respect, New Relic is sighting poor app performance as the cause of this abandonment – check out its cool infographic below showing a flow chart check list to develop a fully working and successful app. However, for app developers, the 60% of non-downloaded apps stat should be more worrying.
It emphasises how difficult it is for apps developers to get noticed in the competitive App Store environment. It’s obvious that relying on organic interest isn’t a sure fire way to increase download traffic. As app recommendations specialist we offer a way for developers to gain visibility in the App Store rankings through our portfolio of apps, including the flagship Free App Magic. With one million active users in 155 countries, Free App Magic can deliver a global platform for app users to discover new and existing apps and increase downloads for developers and publishers.
Source: New Relic

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