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British smartphone users looking for a free app lunch

New research by uSwitch has revealed that smartphones users in the UK pay for just 1 in 10 of the apps they download. The survey, which asked 1,700 people, also reported they each owned 29 apps, adding up to a total spend of just £8.94. Although the report clearly hasn’t covered a broad range of users, so may not be indicative of the whole country, it suggest that smartphone users are wary of parting with cash for apps.

Naturally MagicSolver is in prime position to serve these free app users with our portfolio of apps, including Free App Magic, offering top quality paid for apps for free every day.   Interestingly the study also suggested that UK smartphone owners only used 41% of the apps installed on their devices. The uSwitch spokesperson implied “our smartphones are fast becoming app graveyards, littered with unused downloads.”

However, one reason for this app neglect could be down to quality control. Everyone will be attracted to a free app no matter how good it is. With a combined 1.5 million apps available on Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store and no major filtering process, below par free apps will undoubted slip through, providing users with a negative experience and eventual indifference.

The apps that we recommend and offer for free on Free App Magic, are vetted by our expert editorial team before making it onto the app. MagicSolver takes pride in offering new and exciting apps that we think our users will find fun or useful, even after the initial buzz is over.

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