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Exploring the app ecosystem: insights into mobile user habits


With an ever increasing number of smart mobile devices being sold every year, the mobile app ecosystem is exploding in size as more and more people enter the market. So the Application Developer Alliance have surveyed mobile device owners to find out their behaviour towards apps and see if there are any major insights that mobile marketers should be tapping into.

Looking at their stats packed infographic, one big headline jumps out at us; that there is a very broad target audience to be reached.  In the US alone, 74% of the online population use smart devices and have downloaded at least one app. That means there are 234,000,000 people who own apps in the U.S. and that figure is only likely to go up – astonishing!

And what, you may wonder, is fuelling that growth in app downloads? In most cases, it’s word of mouth which is driving downloads with 52% of respondents saying, it had influenced which apps they downloaded. This influence even stretched to the non smartphone owning respondents who, despite never downloading an app, claimed that word of mouth recommendations meant they knew which apps they’ll be getting when they buy their first smart device. Talk about cost effective marketing! To explore different marketing options learn more here.

Want to learn more about the mobile app ecosystem? Check out the infographic below and see what other great information you can glean from it!


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